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How To Get Beach Body Ready For Your Vacation


By Connor Christopher Getting beach body ready is important when you’re going on vacation, as you always want to look your best when you’re away. Whether you’re losing weight or you just want to tone up a little bit, getting your body beach-ready is going to be hard work. Whether you need the best workouts, […]

Lymphoma – Diagnosis and Treatment


Lymphoma is a form of cancer that has its origin in the lymphocytes – cells that fight infections and are part of our immune system. These cells are located in the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, thymus and several other parts of the human body. If a person develops lymphoma, it is an indication that […]

Five Ingredient Creamy Chicken Marsala


I have friends that cook, and friends that don’t cook. Obviously. The friends that don’t cook, love to eat, and while we have great takeout options around the city, occasionally they’re forced to put a skillet to a stove. For those handful of friends, a recipe must include ingredients that are commonly known, even to […]

Top 5 Vegetables Based on Nutrient Density


When you eat, you want to maximize the nutrition you get out of each bite. That’s the idea behind choosing more nutrient-dense foods. According to health expert Dr. Fuhrman, who designed the nutritarian diet, your health is predicted by your nutrient intake divided by calorie intake. So, you want to pack the most nutrition into […]

8 Senior Financial Scams You Should Never Fall For


One day you get a call informing you that you’ve won a cash prize, or an invitation to buy into an investment that outperforms the market, or an email telling you that your medical insurer needs your insurance ID. Scenarios like these should raise red flags. While some of the time they may be legitimate, […]

ASK ANA: White Spots On Nails


White Spots on Nails… Photo Credit: ASK ANA: White Spots on Nails “My husband used to have a LOT of white spots on his nails, and he recently radically changed his diet. He fell off the wagon for one week and ate a bunch of junk food. I was reading him your article, and […]

Dont Have Time to Workout?

“Someone busier than you is at the gym right now” At the center of our solar system is a star – the Sun. Orbiting around the Sun is the planet we all live on – Earth. It takes Earth 24 hours to make one complete rotation on its axis. We call this a day, and […]

Why Healthy Eating Doesnt Mean Dieting


Something that I’m constantly aware of is the misconception that healthy eating is a form of ‘diet’. I’m really keen for you to understand how I feel about this as there are some that see this way of living, and crucially eating, as being connected to deprivation. For me health eating is absolutely not a […]

Food Pantries on Campus Make Sense


By: Monica Davidson Going to college is heavy on the pocketbook regardless of your income bracket. With a nationwide cultural and economic shift towards attending college more and more people are attending college. This means that groups in which food insecurity generally occurs are now attending college more frequently, and people with no personal income […]

Why People with Type 1 Diabetes May Have Digestive Problems


Written by Travis Manni The longer a person lives with diabetes, the higher their risk of digestive issues. For a long time, it was unclear why, but an international study has found a possible culprit. Study researchers believe they have found that the liver of a person with Type 1 may produce an excessive amount […]

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