Lymphoma – Diagnosis and Treatment

Lymphoma is a form of cancer that has its origin in the lymphocytes – cells that fight infections and are part of our immune system. These cells are located in the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, thymus and several other parts of the human body. If a person develops lymphoma, it is an indication that his lymphocytes may have grown out of control. Though lymphoma is a type cancer, it is curable if treated properly. A patient’s doctor may guide him or her to get the right type of treatment depending upon the type of illness. It is important to note that lymphoma and leukemia are different from each other though the two have similar sounding names.

A few important things to know

• Diagnosis of lymphoma: Imaging is essential to diagnose a malignant bone tumor like lymphoma. Frequently multiple tests may be suggested for proper diagnosis but an orthopedic tumor specialist should evaluate these tests carefully so that accurate diagnosis can be made. X-Rays is the most fundamental type of imaging test that can provide necessary diagnostic information but should be of high-quality. A CT-Scan is another three-dimensional study that enable the orthopedic oncologists to study the soft tissues and bones in a better manner than a usual X-Ray. MRI is an excellent imaging tool for diagnosing as well as treatment of these malignant tumors where images are typically procured with IV contrast. A biopsy is an essential test that needs to be performed to confirm the malignancy of bone tumors. A majority of the surgeons may also use musculoskeletal tumor society or MSTS staging system for malignant bone tumors like Lymphoma.

• Treating lymphoma: Treatment of Lymphoma can be complicated and should be only performed by experts or specialists who have been treating these ailments extensively or routinely. Usually, a team collaboration approach is needed to ensure the best possible results for the patients. The team may comprise of radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, and other related professionals.

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